Late Summer Staples [Part One]

Meet Toby Marks, the mastermind behind Rare Hare’s Late Summer menu.




We sat down with Chef Toby to digest our current menu’s adventurous flavour pairings and the incredible produce used in each dish.

Read ahead at risk of salivation.


Charred Corn with Harissa Butter and Vadouvan Sauce


“Doused in harissa butter and a Vadouvan butter sauce, it’s safe to say the charred corn is my favourite dish on the new menu. The way the different flavours work together to create this uniquely delicious sensation is phenomenal. Corn is great and harissa has been working well with vadouvan for years. What takes it to that next level is this adventurous pairing of spicy with sweet. I try to insert hints of similar Indian flavours wherever possible because it is such a favourite marriage of flavours for me.”


Swordfish Tataki with Yuzu, Melon and Coconut Vinegar


“As part of our late summer menu, this dish pays homage to my early days at Ginger Boy (an Asian restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD). I’ve drawn from my all time favourite style of searingĀ  fish with sesame. I focus on keeping the fresh flavours through the dish like yuzu and lemon while simultaneously speaking to the intensity of the meat. We’d never had swordfish on our menu until now, and being such a summery and light dish at it’s core, the tataki was a no-brainer.”


Beetroot Muhummara with Bitter Leaves and Walnut Tarator


“This dish was researched and developed during Rare hare At Home, we had around 13 weeks to play around with different flavours, from starters to mains, the whole lot. This was one of the more simple styles we came up with, but it just stuck. It gave me goose bumps when I first ate it. And every time after that. It’s made with Muhummara; a traditional spice mix from India, but our blushing starter is far from the norm. We’ve put a twist on the classic dip by transforming the typically burnt tones into rose pink ones, by incorporating beetroot. Our version has less components put through it, bringing all those different flavours to a head, forming a strong yet simple taste.”


Braised Pork Belly with Pineapple & Chilli Caramel and Herb Salad


“Being another player from Rare Hare At Home, the braised pork has an equally big fan base. Sweet, sticky and spicy, the pork – sourced from a local butcher – is rolled up porchetta-style, with a twist. Instead of the traditional way that keeps the skin on, our braised pork belly is stripped back, braised in a master stock and doused with a pineapple chilli caramel. First tasting it, I had one of those moments where I just thought “My God, yum. Bang on flavour”.


Wood Roasted Zucchini, Chickpeas, Chimichurri and Mint


“Mixed amongst chimichurri, fresh peas, macadamias goats cheese and mint, this zucchini-squash duo gets a good go in the wood fire. The mint – along with all the herbs and garnishes we use – are straight from the garden where you can find our gardener, Ali.”


For a rare affair, make your way down to the Mornington Peninsula this weekend to try Chef Toby’s Late Summer Menu.

Stay tuned for part two of the new menu, dropping next week.