Late Summer Staples [Part Two]


The wait is over. Part two of Rare Hare’s Late Summer menu is here.

Get stuck in.




Executive Chef Toby Marks gives us the down-low on the new dishes on his menu. Here’s what your next Rare Hare food and wine affair could look like.


Hiramasa Kingfish with Caponata & Salada Russa


“A melt in your mouth, light yet substantial sensation. The Kingfish boasts the flavours and hues of caponata, salada russa (Russian for potato salad), anchovies, capers, grilled lemon, salsa verde and Nasturtium leaves. I love creating rainbow dishes like these, they burst with a fresh flavour and look incredible too.”


Heirloom Tomatoes with Stracciatella, Toasted Seeds & Cherry Balsamic


“The summer months mark the return of our tomato-centric staple, using incredible produce from local favourite Daniel’s Run. Tomatoes are a fan favourite here, but they’re incredibly seasonal; their season is here and now, which means they are getting a lot of love on the menu. The toasted seeds that accompany this dish are a combination of sunflower, pumpkin and buckwheat, with a cherry balsamic to top it all off. A classic starter with a twist of difference.”


Spiced Lamb Ribs


“This dish started as a special, but it below up so we’ve kept it on permanently. The lamb is glazed with pomegranate and cherry, topped with zaatar, and resting on a bed of pickled green tomatoes straight from our garden. On top of the ribs you’ll find a shitake mushroom relish and a secret ingredient that I’ll take to the grave.”


Cauliflower with Mixed Grains, Feta & Almond Dukkah


“The cauliflower, while light, still has a lot of substance to it. You’ll find mixed grains on a bed of labneh, fried florettes, almond dukkah, freekah, golden and pickled raisins, and of course the star of the show, the yellow cauliflower piccalilli. The dish is pretty much all Ali (keeper of Rare Hare’s kitchen garden). Having this incredible produce just a few steps away has been a God-send when creating this new menu, it’s given me a lot of inspiration and I’ve had a lot of room to play with flavours.”


Frangipane with New Season Figs & Citrus Mascarpone


An Italian almond based cake, with a twist. This boozy after-lunch treat rests on a bed of figs macerated in Disaronno, Amaro Montenegro and a Greek liqueur going by the name of Skinos. The syrup – while heavy in alcohol – has this light and airy consistency to it. On top, sits new season figs, crushed fennel seeds, citrus mascarpone and a compilation of our kitchen garden’s florals. Thanks, Ali.”


Rare Hare Lamington


“To finish, we’ve taken a unique direction with the traditional lamington. Rather than coating the outside in chocolate, we’ve gone from the inside out. The Rare Hare lamington doesn’t just differ from the traditional one in colour – we actually work with a coconut sponge instead of just sprinkling coconut on the outside. This means you still get that lovely, familiar coconut sensation – just in a different way. Starting on a base of dacquoise, our lamington features dark chocolate, cherry raspberry gel, chantilly cream and is topped with a salted coconut meringue.”



See you at Rare Hare soon. You know where…